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Are you protecting what’s most important?

Risk management

Could you imagine losing a loved one, being consumed with grief and having to deal with trying to pay funeral costs, executing a Will, visiting a notary, trying to carry out last wishes and getting into debt because of it?

That’s why talking about insurance with your family is so important.

  1. If I died, would my family have enough money to deal with all the added financial stress?
  2. Would I still be okay if I  got sick or injured and couldn't work anymore? 
  3. What type of coverage is right for me?
  4. How much coverage is enough for me?


Risk management


Would you be relieved to find out there was a way to protect you and your family, that is as affordable as protecting your house or your car?



If something happened to you, you want to be certain you have the right coverage to protect your family, your lifestyle and everything you’ve worked hard to achieve. Getting the right insurance gives your loved ones the financial security to:

  • Maintain a comfortable lifestyle
  • Pay off existing debts – like your mortgage
  • Fund long term investment needs like educational savings plans or RRSPs


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